Meeting With the Docs

Hey its Heidi here with an update,

On Feb 6th my bestie and I hit the road early in the morning to make it to my first appointment of the day in London, at St. Joe’s hospital. At 10am it was with the Oncologist, Dr. B, she was very nice and laid back. Second was at 2pm with the reconstruction surgeon, Dr. D, everyone has something good to say about him.

Both doctors more or less said the same thing. They gave me all my options with details of the process so I could make a decision.  Prophylactic mastectomy and reconstruction is my choice. Doing this cuts the need of future, and endless, mammogram appoints and MIRs, although before the surgery I am going for a MIR to see the tissue that is there now.

The whole surgery should take about 4 hours. First the oncologist removes the breast tissue, after the reconstruction surgeon puts the implants under my pectoral muscle and finishes the surgery. With the implants being under the muscle any bumps, or lumps can be felt and dealt with easily. Since I am 26 and relatively healthy I am able to get implants and can avoid the expander route. Recovery time will be about a month and a half.

A about a week ago, the hospital called me with a date for the surgery, April 11th! So close! The receptionist that called said it’s 95% happening that day but since it is a “breast” day if there is someone else that needs to have surgery I would be bumped to another day.

Overall I am happy with the way this process is going. Knowing I am such a risk to get cancer this is definitely the right choice, the percentage with future health risks are very low. Both doctors assured me of positive outcomes and stability the surgery will bring.


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