I need to get something off my chest

Hello everyone, Heidi here, a lot has happened since my last post.

After meeting with the doctors to make a plan everything starting moving pretty fast, I had an MRI a couple weeks ago that went pretty routinely. MRIs are defiantly uncomfortable and very loud but I started to day dream and it was over without a problem.

My pre-opt appointment was April 10th, the day before surgery, it was simple we just went over my medications and what will happen after surgery, some vitals, they gave me some pillows and pockets I can pin inside my shirt to hold the drains I would get after surgery. Since I’m relatively healthy I did not need any other tests done at the time.

April 11th, the big day! My boyfriend and I left early since I had to be there for 9 and we were traveling to London. My parents came up too, leaving a little later to avoid all of us waiting. Once there, they got me changed into a hospital gown and got me started with an IV. Since I hadn’t eaten all morning my biggest complaint at the time was I hungry, besides that I was calm and collected. Only one visitor was allowed in with me so my parents and boyfriend switched a few times so they could all see me. At 11 they brought me in the “blocking room.” Here I got my first dose of an antibiotic, talked to several nurses about what surgery I was there for and why, and met with the doctor doing my reconstruction. Like in a tv show he had me stand up and drew all over my chest with a sharpie marker as a guideline for them in the OR. It was about 12 when they brought me to the OR, as the doctor lead the final safety checks with the surgical team I could feel the anaesthetic kicking in, I was given some oxygen and told to take some deep breaths.

I woke up in the recovery room in tons of pain and feeling very nauseated, the nurses quickly gave me gravol and pain meds through my IV and I fall asleep again. The same thing happened when I woke up an hour later but the 3rd time I woke up I felt so much better. I was moved from recovery to my room on the 6th floor for the night at about 630ish. My parents came and checked on me before going to their hotel room for the night, my boyfriend stayed for a little before his drive back to Windsor. It was a long day for everyone.

I was so sore it was hard to even sit up, but my nurses were wonderful. They explained that I need to take all my medication on time to stay on top of it, if the pain breaks through its hard to catch back up to it. Throughout the night and next morning I had more IV antibiotics and fluids. I had lunch and was out of the hospital by noon. My parents picked me up and we drove back to Windsor. I slept most of the way but once we were in the city I woke up, driving was painful, every turn or bump hurt but before I knew it we were home.

Every day I feel better and can move more. I’m still really sore but things like showering and getting dressed and even sitting up is easier. My chest and arms are what’s most sore; it’s hardest to reach/ lift my arms or to pick things up.

I’m lucky to have an amazing family and wonderful friends to help me through all of this, my cousin ended up doing all of my dressing changes and took my drains (I hated those things) when it was time. It really would have sucked without her. I’ve been getting numerous visitors bringing me food, flowers, and other gifts to help me past my time.

My follow up appointment with the plastic surgeon was on the 19th. He said everything is looking good! I am to keep the area open to air and I’m now allowed to wear a sports bra to help with healing. Light activity is okay, but nothing too much. I meet with him in another 6 weeks to check in on my recovery.

I’m happy with the way everything is going. I can’t wait to be back to normal, its uncomfortable being sore all the time. But again, I’m relatively healthy, so hopefully I bounce back soon.

Thanks again for all the love and support 🙂


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